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Thathanda Ainmane




Thathanda ainmane, has about 8 rooms with a small stone paved yard in front and a kall boti in the Kala. Wooden panels with lotus carvings on all three walls and a window with carvings of raised lotus, birds, Elephant with a thombe Kann at the centre can be found. There are wooden aimaras in front, a long sacred aimara in the Nellakki and cemented aimaras in the western and northern walls. There is a pathaya to the left of the veranda and to the left of nellakki.

Framed portraits with glass enclosed guds, a beautiful hanging lamp on wooden shelf, Odi Kathi with ‘Li’ engraved on it and a large hanging wooden bhasma kutt can be found in the Nellakki.


  • More than 100 years old