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The Gandhi of Kodagu: Pandyanda Belliappa

The Gandhi of Kodagu: Pandyanda Belliappa


Author of the book

Iythichanda Ramesh Uthappa (Kannada original)

Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa (English translation)

About the Author

Iythichanda Ramesh Uthappa, a journalist, is the original author of this book which was in Kannada. Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa translated this book from Kannada into English.

About the Book

This book is the English translation of the Kannada original Kodagina Gandhi Pandyanda Belliappa. This book is the biography of the freedom fighter, social worker, Gandhian and politician Pandyanda Belliappa of Coorg (Kodagu).

Publication History

This book was published by Codava Makkada Coota in 2020.

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