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The Major who kept his cool

Author of the book

The Major who kept his cool

Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa

About the book

Lt. Col. Puttichanda S Ganapathi MVC is known as ‘the Major who kept his cool’ after his participation as an Indian peacekeeper. A biography of the decorated war hero, this book speaks of how he joined the army through his own merit, the training that he underwent (which eventually helped him during wars and in life) and the struggles he and his family had to undergo. The purpose of this book is to motivate young people to take up careers in the armed forces. Ganapathi and the 67 men he led from the front were once under attack in enemy territory. He continued to fight the enemy even as they outnumbered his men. Meant to stay put for 12 hours, they were made to remain for 72 hours as they struggled with their low supplies. Ganapathi was able to contain the casualties even as his men fell one by one under the hostile gun fire. He later earned the Maha Vir Chakra war medal for leading most of his men safely when they were under constant enemy attack. The book is of how he endured and managed to do so. This book is to be made into a future movie.

Publication history

This book was published by Codava Makkada Coota in 2019.

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