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Theethira okka

About the Okka

It is said that when their ancestors were collecting dried leaves, an Upp theethi bird (Lapwing) came by, and when they tried to catch it, it turned into an image of God Subrahmanya. That is why they were named Theethira (after the bird).

Three brothers from the Theethira okka in Hudikeri went to Kaleghat to learn the vidyas being taught there. On their return, when they were passing by Harihara, they found that the branch of the Kadira okka there was becoming extinct. So the two elder brothers, Kalayya and Thimmayya married two Kadira girls (maṇṇk nindath) and settled on their property. The youngest brother remained unmarried.

At first, the descendants of both the brothers Kalayya and Thimmayya lived together in a large ainmane in Harihara.After a quarrel, the younger brother Thimmayya came away, built the ainmane, and started this bhaga called Keeda Theethira. The elder brother Kalayya stayed in the original ainmane, and his bhaga is called Balya Theethira. The original ainmane fell, and was rebuilt. The two bhagas do not get together even for karanang kodpa.

They are four bhagas and it is said that all the Theethira bhagas came from Hudikeri.





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