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Thelapanda Okka

About The Okka

Thelapanda Okka -When the Karanava’s son Subbayya killed a tiger king Veeraraja was pleased and gave him a barchi and a large, heavy odi kathi with a gold seal with ‘V’ in Kannada inscribed on it. Later, worried of his prowess, the Raja wanted him killed.  Subbayya  got to know of this and escaped. He was then invited to a grand feast where the Raja ordered his men to kill him. Subbayya was attacked with a sword but escaped and came home bleeding from the fatal wounds inflicted on his head and leg. He died and became a Kudi Beera (hero spirit).

The Kodagu Raja sent his chavadikaras to help build the ainmane, and elephants to stamp the mud. Also, pleased with the service of members of the okka, the Raja gifted the okka a barchi, a bal kathi (double-edged sword), odi kathi etc., with his insignia (‘V’ in Kannada) inscribed on them.

A later ancestor, Subbayya, fought during the katakayi war in Sulya (1837) and was given an odi kathi and barchi by the British, for his bravery.

Their Kail Polud is always officiated by the incumbent pattedara, who, after Ayudha Puje hands over the weapons to the younger male members of the okka in this order: the old barchi first, then the odi kathi, a gun and a peeche kathi.





Eminent People



Speech Pathologist


  • Thelapanda C Madappa
  • Thelapanda Cariappa
  • Thelapanda Devaiah
  • Thelapanda K Muthanna
  • Thelapanda M Gowramma
  • Thelapanda Zeena Dechamma