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Thok Poo

Gloriosa superb also called as flame lily is a flowering perennial plant which grows in several habitats including jungles and is pollinated by butterflies and sun birds. This plant is a climbing herb and the stem reaches 3-4 meters long and climbs using tendrils. The flower is bright reddish to orange with yellowish base, 6 to 10 mtrs long and weighs over 2.5 grams.


Thok Poo


Flame lily, Gloriosa lily

Botanical Name

Gloriosa superba








Has got many medicinal properties like colchicine, gloriosine, pungent, bitter, acrid, heating, anthelmintic, laxative, alexiteric, abortifacient,  alterative, antiarthritic, antihaemorrhoid, antileprotic, antiperiodic, cholagogue, purgative and tonic etc.,

Used in the treatment of ulcers, leprosy, piles, inflammations, thirst, abdominal pains, itching, bruises, colic, chronic ulcers, haemorrhoids, cancer, smallpox, eczema,  and ringworm etc., the drug is also sometimes used in promoting labour pain.

Other impacts

The plant has also got toxicity to cause harm to human and animals. The plant has been used to commit murder, to suicide or to kill animals. It contains colchicine,  alkaloid and gloriocine. Within few hours of ingestion the person may experience vomiting, numbness, abdominal pain, burning in throat, bloody diarrhea, etc.