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“Thombe” is referred to “heart” in Kodava word.


Heart is the pumping organ that pumps blood to our body to help it function. It is located under the rib cage to the left of the breast bone. Heart can be found in most of the living being, while few animals like Sponges, Jellyfish, flatworms, etc., do not have. This is the first functional organ to develop and to start its function of providing continuous flow of blood throughout the body. The size of the heart varies among different species, ranging from 12mg to 600 kg. Heart transports nutrients, oxygen and hormones to cells and also removes metabolic waste.

Heart is made of 4 chambers called as atria, ventricles, Septum and valves. The left ventricle is the largest and most muscular and is the main pumping chamber of the heart. Heart is one of the important organs in our body and without it blood can’t move throughout the body.