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Types of Kumm (Mushroom)

Several types of wild mushrooms(Kumm) are relished in Kodagu which sprout in weird places during monsoon. Mushrooms usually sprout at the same spot every year, in wooded stretches, on barks of trees and sometimes on grassy fields which has a meaty texture and tasty when cooked.

Types of Kumm

  1. Allandhi Kumm
  2. Aaatha Kumm
  3. Channa Kumm
  4. Kachi Kumm
  5. Katole Kumm
  6. Kode Kumm
  7. Meda Mande Kumm
  8. Nuchi Kumm
  9. Nethele Kumm
  10. Nara Kumm
  11. Pandhi Kumm