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Uddappanda Okka

About the Okka

Uddapanda okka first came to kavadi and lived in a house near motte maavu (a mango tree on a hill) in a koppa. Later they built an ainmane and moved there.

The members of this okka are devotees of Kannambaḍi amme and make vows in her name. In the past, their karanava would possess a member of the okka during their karanang kodpa, only after being possessed by Kannambaḍi amme for a short while. Their karanava would also possess a member of the okka at the Bhagavathi temple. He was famous as an oracle that accurately predicted happenings and answered questions asked of him (anuvada kodpa). Bhadrakali herself was impressed by the karanava and gave the one possessed by him a stone, which is now kept in their kanni kombare.

Once, the one who used to be possessed by the karanava was tempted by the money offered to Kannambāḍi amme that was kept in the ainmane, and stole it. (He was a very poor man.)The Devi appeared and told the okka who the culprit was. She punished him, and he died a pauper with no children. After that event about 50 years ago, no one has been possessed by the karanava.




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