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*Vagare shree Eshwara Ayyappa Temple*- Essay By Ulvangada Cauvery Uday

An article which was the part of the essay writing competition on festivals of kodagu organised by kodavaclan during the lockdown.


Ulvangada Cauvery Uday

Story of Vagare shree Eshwara Ayyappa Temple


We can see a holly  beautiful vagare shree Eshwara Ayyappa temple in a small village called vagare , three kilometres from T.Shettigeri , virajpet taluk in kodagu . 

        When we reach the main door by climbing the steps made by stones , we can see the flag pole in the outskirt. When we walk through the indoor , vision of Shree Eshwara linga with Eshwara idol can be seen . 

        Right side of the halo , there is Shree Ganesha halo  & Shree Ayyappa sannidhi and also a fiction of navagraha . Small halo of nagadevatha can be seen outskirt of the main halo . In that nagadevatha  petrification, there is the petrification of Shree Krishna holding flute .

         Long ago five goddess came to kodagu , from Thirneli Pemmaiah sannidhan situated in the  neibouring state Kerala. On that time Kerala belonged to kodagu . Among them three goddesses and two God . They stayed in the bank of river Kaveri , a Holly land of kodagu . They stayed as Shree Eshwara in Vagare , Shree Bhuthanatheshwara   in Mathur , Shree Puthu Bhagavathi in Pookola , and two goddess as JoduBhagavathi in Rudraguppe . 

         About 300 years ago Madappa from Kattera family , went for hunting in the forest , which is near to his place. In the forest he heard the voice of deer . He went there & instead of deer there he saw a Shivalinga petrification . He was surprised to see that & then he went to the village & he said this miracle to one of his friend Uluvangada person. Again they both went there & after seeing that Shivalinga they  returned & informed  villagers ,so called  Chettanda & Chotteyandamada   families.

       They built a small hut there & kept a priest to do worship. These four families together nominated Kattera Madappa who first saw the Shivalinga as Thakka ( President). After that they made uluvangada person as Changa( secretary) .

        Once wild fire burnt  this hut halo , but the Shivalinga which was inside the hut was not damaged . After that all together constructed a new temple . After some time Machamada , Bollajira , Chettangada families came to visit this temple. 

         This temple has got four & a half acres of green thick forest . Many birds & animals are living in this forest without disturbing others .

        Festival of this temple starts after fifteenth date of March or April when uthara star comes . Festival will be celebrated for seven days. Every day during festival time , food will be cooked & served in the temple. 

        On the first day of the festival , flag will be hoisted at night. After that navadhanya will be sown in a mud pot which was filled with cowdung & topsoil , kept inside the halo with observation . Nobody allowed to touch the flag pole from the start to the end of festival,  till it was got down. Shudha kalasha pooja will be performed if anybody touch it by mistake. 

        Here Kattera old house & God store house are the same. Second day of the festival jewels will be brought from store house to temple at night . statue of God will be brought. Again on sixth & seventh day also jewels will be brought from store house to temple . village people all together will bring jewels of God along with Thakka holding lamps in their hand .& also with music . 

        During the festival time villegers are not allowed to use or eat meat at home. Hunting or killing animals , shooting , cutting trees are prohibited . One person from each family should sleep in the temple , at night till the end of festival .

            One special type of worship named palli bote is there here on the sixth day of festival . on this day early morning five boys take bath in cold water & they wear waist cloth like scissor & go to the temple holding bow arrow & stick . they should go around the outskirt of the temple & then enter the indoor . after that they should keep the weapons in front of the door of halo & should stand at the corner closing their face with hands . so that they should not be seen by God . After this God will come circulating the outskirt enters  indoors & also inside the halo . After finishing worship boon will be given to the boys  & they will be blessed . Girls are not allowed in the temple at this time.

          Evening devashayana will be preformed after the circulation of the God . Inside the halo red cloth will be bedded on the stone which was lying before the linga. Paddy is spreaded on the cloth & the statue will be kept on that paddy as sleep , covered with red cloth. Then the door will be closed . they keep bow, arrow , kadathale in front of the door .

       Next day the door will be opened when cow stands in front of the door . Priest enters the halo , brings the statute & touches it to the cow .  Will worship after shuddakalasha . After the prayer cow marriage , coconut shooting will be done . 

       Evening God go for bathing to the nearest kakkat river which was three kilometres away. After returning circulation with dance , Vasantha pooja , alankara pooja are preformed . Along with this festival ends . 

      There is a sacred  place called nariambala in front of the temple . In that place there is a big stone under a big jackfruit tree & that is nariambala . long ago people use  to conduct tiger marriage in this place to those who kill the tiger . 

      Vagare villagers are living here peacefully by the grace of Vagare Shree Eshwara Ayyappa. 


Vagare shree Eshwara Ayyappa Temple

Video  by Kodava Riders Club