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Vagare Shree Eshwara Ayyappa temple – The book

Vagare Shree Eshwara Ayyappa temple 

Author of the page

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

Author of the book

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

About the book

It was author’s third book in Kannada language.
History, mythology & story of the temple.


We can see a holly beautiful vagare shree Eshwara Ayyappa temple in a small village called vagare , three kilometres from T.Shettigeri , virajpet taluk in kodagu .
Long ago five goddess came to kodagu , from Thirneli Pemmaiah sannidhan situated in the neibouring state Kerala. On that time Kerala belonged to kodagu . Among them three goddesses and two God . They stayed in the bank of river Kaveri , a Holly land of kodagu . They stayed as Shree Eshwara in Vagare , Shree Bhuthanatheshwara in Mathur , Shree Puthu Bhagavathi in Pookola , and two goddess as JoduBhagavathi in Rudraguppe .
About 300 years ago Madappa from Kattera family , went for hunting in the forest , which is near to his place. In the forest he heard the voice of deer . He went there & instead of deer there he saw a Shivalinga petrification . He was surprised to see that & then he went to the village & he said this miracle to one of his friend Uluvangada person. Again they both went there & after seeing that Shivalinga they returned & informed villagers .
They built a small hut there & kept a priest to do worship. These four families together nominated Kattera Madappa who first saw the Shivalinga as Thakka ( President). After that they made uluvangada person as Changa( secretary) .
Once wild fire burnt this hut halo , but the Shivalinga which was inside the hut was not damaged . After that all together constructed a new temple .
There is a sacred place called nariambala in front of the temple . In that place there is a big stone under a big jackfruit tree & that is nariambala . long ago people use to conduct tiger marriage in this place to those who kill the tiger .
Vagare villagers are living here peacefully by the grace of Vagare Shree Eshwara Ayyappa.
To know about the festivals, rituals of the temple & more story read the book

Publication history

Published in the year 2017 April

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