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Vastra or Mande Thuni

Vastra or Mande thuni (Headdress)

Mande-tuni is a gilted turban or a red and white checkered scarf worn by Kodava men on occassions.


Vastra is a red-checkered cloth which is hand tied around the head with one corner hanging down to the small of the neck. This was replaced by a cream and gold Mande tuni which are ready made and are convenient to wear.  Very few men wear the vastra these days. This checkered cloth is available in both silk and cotton. It may vary in colour between various shades of red.

The best man at a wedding wears the checkered cloth not on the head but on the shoulder probably to create a separate identity. It is also worn by the bridegroom in a similar fashion. This check vastra is also placed on the lap of the bridegroom during the wedding ceremony.