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Water Falls

It is formed when the stream course is interrupted as when a stream passes over a layer of harder rock—often igneous—to an area of softer and therefore more easily eroded rock; the edge of a cliff or plateau; or the edge of a hanging valley formed under glacial conditions (see glacial periods). Normally, as a stream grows older, the waterfall, by undercutting and erosion of the waterfall edge and stream bed above the fall, moves upstream and loses height until it eventually becomes a series of rapids and finally disappears.

Water Falls in kodagu of which many are tourist attractions are listed below

  1. Abbayalla Falls
  2. Iruppu FallsKurchi
  3. Abhimatta Falls-Abhimatta
  4. Bagmane Falls
  5. Mallali FallsKumaralli
  6. Chelavara FallsChelavara
  7. Kalkaska Falls-Koyanadu
  8. Surlabi Falls-Surlabi
  9. Abbey FallsMadikeri
  10. Balliyattra Falls-kabbe
  11. Gijja ganda Falls-Garvale
  12. Burude Falls
  13. Nilakandi Falls